Shades of Green: Electric Cars’ Carbon Emissions Around the Globe

Sustainable Development Group
10 Jul 2017
  Grid powered electric cars have carbon emissions four times greater in countries with coal dominated power generation than in those with lowcarbon power supplies,according to analysis by Shrink That Footprint.
According to analysis by Shrink That Footprint the carbon emissions of grid powered electric cars in countries with coal based generation are no different to average petrol vehicles, while in countries with low carbon electricity they are less than half those of modern hybrids.
             The scale of this variation implies that the climate benefits of going electric are not evenly shared around the globe.
The new report, Shades of Green:Electric Cars’ Carbon Emissionsn Around the Globe assesses the climate impact of grid powered electric vehicles in twenty of the world’s major countries,and how those emissions compare to petrol vehicles.The analysis includes the full scope of electricity, fuel and vehicle manufacturing emissions.
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