Call for papers of IU-MRS session - Resource Efficiency and Material Technology

Sustainable Development Group
23 Feb 2017

Achieving the sustainable management and efficient use of resources is addressed in the 2030 Agenda and is crucial for the protection of the environment, climate and planet. Sustainable materials management and material cycle societies is one of the important key issue to achieve a society with higher resource efficiency. Material science and technology should contribute to it. In order to achieve higher resource efficiency, metrics, design, and physical technology should collaborate across the sectors.

In the IU-MRS session of “Resource Efficiency and Material Technology” researchers of metrics, design and material science will come together to discuss across the fence of the fields. Following issues are expected to be presented and discussed.

  • Policy and metrics of resource efficiency
  • Criticality of resources and materials
  • Material technology of higher resource efficiency
  • Material technology for Low Carbon Society
  • Materials technology and system for Sound material circulation
  • Ecodesign for Circular Economy
  • Alternative technology from critical materials

Considering above these scopes, discussion will be organized under similar approaches, namely;

a) research and development of material for low carbon society

b) circulation and eco-design technology, especially circular economy

c) materials informatics

Please send your contributions to IU-MRS 2017 session Resource Efficiency and Material Technology

Chair Dr.Kohmei HALADA,  National Institute for Materials Science, Japan


Prof. Arnold TUKKER, Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), Leiden University, the Netherlands

Prof. Chiharu TOKORO, Waseda university, Japan

Prof. Tetsuya NAGASAKA, Tohoku University, Japan

Dr. Tomohiko SAKAO, Linköping University, Sweden

Prof. Makoto KANO, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Dr. James GODDIN, Grantadesign, U.K.

Dr. Takuya KADOHIRA, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Prof. Masahiro YOSHIMURA, National Cheng Kung University. Taiwan

Dr. Shunich ARISAWA. National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Prof. Zuoren NIE, Beijin University of Technology, China

Dr. Hideki KAKISAWA, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan