• IOM3 launches first TCB annual forum

    On 12 November, IOM3 held its first Technology Communities Board Annual Forum in London. The aim of the forum was to introduce technical communities and divisional chairs to the Strategic Advisors and for the various IOM3 divisions to share best practices, challenges and to help shape the Institute’s events calendar going forward.
  • IOM3 returns to Packaging Innovations in February 2020

    The Packaging Society/IOM3 is once again pleased to be supporting this year’s Packaging Innovations event on 27–28 February 2020 at the NEC in Birmingham. Come along to Stand D50 where you will find a host of industry experts discussing all your packaging needs.
  • First IOM3 Advisory Council meeting takes place

    Following the success of the IOM3 Advisory Council elections and having confirmed 15 vacancies representing IOM3 Grades and Regions, the first meeting took place on 5 November to celebrate and officially welcome the new governance structure.
  • Dr Walter Stahel to open Balancing Resource Efficiency with Climate Change Conference

    Sustainable Development Group
    Dr Walter Stahel (Co-founder, The Product-Life Institute) will give the Keynote entitled A Circular Industrial Economy - A Giant Opportunity and Challenge to the Mining and Materials Industries at the upcoming conference on November 26 2019 at IOM3 London
  • Education and Technician Awards and New Fellows Dinner 2019

    Winners of this year’s Education and Technician Awards and New Fellows from September 2018/2019 joined together on Thursday 31 October 2018 to celebrate their awards and achievement/Fellowship.
  • Looking at emerging bioplastics for packaging

    Materials World magazine
    Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum placed bioplastics as the top emerging technology of 2019 as a means of achieving a circular economy. In October, plastic-like products have been developed as potential eco-friendly alternatives for packaging. Shardell Joseph reports.
  • Greening the UK steel industry

    Materials World magazine
    The government has announced it will pump more funding into the UK steel industry to accelerate the efforts to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Idha Valeur reports.
  • A smartfilter for capturing and degrading microfibre

    Materials World magazine
    A filter for washing machines has been developed in an effort to degrade microfibres released from clothing in a bid to reduce plastic pollution. Idha Valeur reports.
  • Scania's new self-driving cabless truck

    Materials World magazine
    A new self-driving, cabless truck that runs on biofuel is to enter heavy industries. Idha Valeur reports.
  • The Packaging Society Nov 2019 Newsletter Now Available

    The Packaging Society
    The November newsletter from The Packaging Society is now available to download here https://www.iom3.org/packaging-society/packaging-society-newsletters