• The five VinylPlus sustainability challenges as presented by https://vinylplus.eu/

    Stepping ahead with lead

    Dr Mark Everard, Associate Professor of Ecosystem Services at the University of the West of England, UK, discusses the need for rational, science-based and profitable steps towards a sustainable future and resolve the circular economy and clean chemistry conflict.
  • Natural R-PP pellet monthly price minus virgin PP spot price

    European recycling markets reel from coronavirus

    Concerns over the long-term impact of the coronavirus outbreak on key European recycling markets sharply escalated this week following the adoption of further containment measures across the continent.
  • Tacking on technology in construction

    Housebuilding in the UK is continuously falling short of the government’s ambitious targets, and companies are turning to new technologies and techniques to improve the situation, while maintaining standards of quality and living. From speeding up production to creating a better environment, Clay Technology takes a look at some of the ways the industry is improving construction.
  • Climate change and COP26 – what the brick has to do with it?

    COP26 is the next global conference on climate change, where 196 states will meet in Glasgow, UK, early in November 2020 to make key decisions to safeguard the planet. Cleia President, Philippe Penillard, discusses.
  • The growth of green mining

    With so-called green mining set to grow one third by 2024, Michael Schwartz takes a look at the industry determined to use sustainable practices.
  • Making circular streams from plastic waste

    Dr Parvez Alam FIMMM talks about finding solutions to the Indonesian plastic waste crisis through practicable circular economic models.
  • Is it time to consider the carbon potential of timber?

    Dr Morwenna Spear FIMMM discusses a project investigating embodied carbon and carbon storage in the construction sector.
  • Redefining how we see and use waste

    Soon we may be walking on plastic bottle roads along fly ash streets, as increasing categories of waste products are finding new life as feedstocks. Eoin Redahan takes a look at some of the pioneering projects tackling the waste problem.
  • Material Marvels: Capping it off - the evolution of the bottle top

    The screw cap bottle top has been a packaging staple for decades, but the need for functionality and sustainability has prompted a flurry of innovative designs and material choices. Ceri Jones looks the development of modern closures.
  • YMC Future Materials Conference

    YMC Future Materials Conference at the University of Leeds