Surface Engineering Division board

The application of surface engineering is vital to the success of almost every commercial and industrial product: from aero engines to aeroplanes, from iPods to surgical implants and from razor blades to racing cars. Surface engineering is a critical enabling technology that underpins every industrial and manufacturing sector.

The focus of surface engineering has changed to be more application oriented to deliver robust and reliable surface engineering solutions that will meet industry's challenging demands.

The new Surface Engineering Division Strategy encompasses the needs of British Industry to enable predictive design of important components and products to be achieved with the minimum of waste and utilising more sustainable materials using environmentally friendly processes.

Surface engineering can be defined as the design of surface and substrate together in an environment to form a functionally graded system possessing properties not achievable in either component alone or more simply, changing the properties of a surface to advantage. An extensive portfolio of established and innovative technologies allows coating and surface modification to be achieved by mechanical, physical, chemical and electrochemical needs.

The purpose of this Divisional website is to introduce the Board and its members and to highlight our activities. We hope that you find this useful and welcome any constructive feedback. 

Dave Rickerby