• Superhydrophobic films to protect solar cells

    Materials World magazine
    A water barrier film that is reportedly 1,000 times more effective than other technologies on the market has been developed by researchers at the Institute of Materials Reseach and Engineering (IMRE) in Singapore. By using metal nanoparticles suspended in a monomer solvent, sensitive devices like organic light emitting diodes and solar cells could be protected from moisture damage.
  • Final programme available for Materials Congress

    A full listing of presentations is now available for Materials Congress, which is being held from 13-15 May in Grantham, UK. The technical symposia and masterclasses incorporate an exciting array of speakers representing a vast array of sectors.
  • BASA bulletin - May 2008

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The latest BASA bulletin is now available.
  • Junior Euromat 2008

    Junior Euromat 2008, a four-day informal poster conference, will be held at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, from 14-18 July.
  • Smoother catheter coating

    Materials World magazine
    A hydrophilic, polymeric coating for urinary catheters that makes them more durable and smooth has been developed by Lombard Medical Technologies, based in Sheffield, UK.
  • Overview of programme for Materials Congress 2008

    An 'at a glance' programme for Materials Congress 2008, to be held on 13-15 May 2008 in Grantham, can be downloaded for a quick and easy overview of all the sessions taking place.
  • Exploring plastic components with electronically active surfaces

    Materials World magazine
    Coating thin films of electronically active surfaces onto plastic components by exploding the layers into the moulding tool during injection is the focus of a £300,000 research programme at the University of Warwick, UK. The team is looking to refine the technology for products such as packaging with moving displays.
  • Cleaner coatings for food cans

    Packaging Professional magazine
    Exploring cleaner barrier coatings for metal cans that inhibit chemical migration into food.
  • crack in material

    Healing cracks in materials through an electric field

    Materials World magazine
    A computational study has shown that cracks in conducting or semiconducting materials could be healed or inhibited by applying an electric field.
  • water droplets on wood surface

    Making wood fibres water-resistant and conductive

    Materials World magazine
    An environmentally friendly method for introducing hydrophobic propeties and electrical conductivity to wood fibres has been developed by researchers in Finland. This could find use in packaging, composite and paper applications.