• Close-up of a microchip

    Faster chip production, without a mask

    Materials World magazine
    A new maskless lithography technique could enable fast and low-cost manufacture of semiconductors with nanoscale resolution.
  • Last opportunity to enter IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009

    Candidates have until 19 December to submit nomination forms for the IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2009.
  • Graphene covers an infrared screen, enhancing its signals

    Creating large graphene coatings

    Materials World magazine
    Graphene films that can be deposited over large areas of a substrate may be possible using modified chemical mechanical polishing, according to scientists in the USA. The material’s perfect 2D crystallographic nature and electrical properties will enable high-speed and flexible circuitry in electronic devices.
  • aeroplane

    Adding surface value to composites

    Materials World magazine
    Applying surface-enhancing coatings to carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) using thermal spray techniques is the focus of research at TWI in Great Abington, UK. This could extend the use of these materials in high temperature or corrosive environments.
  • Exposed wires coated in the PATCH solution

    PATCHwork for frayed wires

    Materials World magazine
    A cheap but effective polymeric coating to repair damaged aircraft wires and prevent them from sparking and causing an explosion is available, says a chemist at the University of Dayton Research Institute, USA.
  • Nominations sought for Institute’s Medals and Prizes

    The Institute’s Medals and Prizes 2009 are open for nominations. The deadline for all entries is 19 December 2008.
  • Materials awards seek entrants

    Four materials-related prizes, organised by the Federation of European Materials Societies, are open for nominations.
  • The Labratester 1 from Norbert Schlaefli Maschinen, in Zofingen, Switzerland, is able to print thin film transistors with a precision of 25um

    Printing electronics

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers working on CONTACT, a four-year EU-funded project, have developed a method of printing precise layers of water-based or pigmented inks onto a substrate material, such as glass or metal foil, for printed electronics.
  • Adhesion Society Awards

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Nominations for the awards of the Adhesion Society Inc are invited.
  • Bearings are one application where these composite coatings could have an impact

    Fullerenes offer lubricant coatings

    Materials World magazine
    Novel composite coatings are being developed to reduce friction and improve wear resistance in parts where there are rolling and sliding contacts such as ball bearings, chains, gears, pumps, screws and artificial joints. The products, based on inorganic fullerene-like nanosphere powders. could save energy, extend operating times and reduce maintenance in automotive, aerospace and biomedical fields.