Keith Harrison - Chairman SED

Surface Engineering Division
14 Jul 2009

Keith Harrison FIMMM CSci has been involved with surface engineering for over 40 years mainly in the thermal spraying industry but with some experience of precious metal plating. Keith is delighted to be the Chairman of the Surface Engineering Division. He also sits on the Industrial & Technology Policy Board, Materials Science & Technology Division Board and the Automotive Applications Division Board.

Now semi-retired Keith has worked in Research and Development, Production and Sales & Marketing with companies such as British Gypsum, Rolls-Royce, Plessey Telecommunications and Sulzer Metco. He was a Board Member of the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network particulate engineering sector and Chairman of the sector's Research Committee. He also sits on the Materials & Structures National Technical Committee of the Aerospace and Defence KTN. He is a past Chair of the Thermal Spraying and Surface Engineering Association.

Keith has extensive experience of research and development projects in many sectors including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, defence, electronics, energy, mining, printing and paper. He has a number of published papers in these areas. Keith has been on the organising committees of a number of International conferences such as “Lean Weight Vehicle”, “Low Carbon Generation” and “Tribology 2008”. He is currently a Topic Co-ordinator for EUROMAT 2009.

You can contact Keith via e-mail at