Suleiman Khusnutdinov - Russia


The gold we lost: Man-made waste and highly-stability water-oil emulsions as the raw material of the future

The development of the industry takes place in terms of constantly increasing demand for environmental standards of enterprises. The problem of formation highly-stability water-oil emulsions is relevant; their formation and accumulation provide not only an environmental hazard but also causes an economic loss to enterprises. A method based on evaporation of the water phase of these emulsions can be alternative methods of dehydration of waste. But the serious problem arises when the emulsion is heated, accumulation of a critical mass of water on the heating surface, the process of boiling is destabilized, overheating of globules of water leads to the overthrow of emulsion, which makes dehydration process impossible. As the primary method, we have proposed the method of thermomechanical dehydration of liquid oil waste. This method implies that the evaporation of the water phase takes place under mechanical action that prevents the coalescence of water droplets and their accumulation on the heated surface.

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