Structure & Properties of Materials Committee -mission

The Structure and Properties of Materials Committee covers a wide area of interest within material science and engineering. It acts as a focal point within the Institute for promoting the study and understanding of the relationship between the microstructure and the properties of inorganic materials including the development of the tools and techniques for microstructural characterisation and property evaluation. It achieves this through organising specialist scientific meetings and events, advising, collaborating and participating in government initiatives, and interacting with other professional Institutes and with other IOM3 committees and local materials societies.

The committee consists of members from both academia and industry and acts as a link between the two. The committee makes and supports nominations for numerous IOM3 awards and prizes in recognition for both personnel achievement and published work within the committee’s field of interest.


Terms of Reference


  • The Technical committee will operate in accordance with the Institute’s governance and guidance and will report to the Material Science and Technology Board (MSTB) of which board chairs will be members.
  • The committee will comprise of a chair (appointed by the members of the committee and endorsed by MSTD) and appropriate members invited by the existing committee members with the knowledge, skills and commitment to contribute actively to the Technical committee activities.
  • The membership of the committee should be as diverse in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and experience as possible, who should normally be members of the Institute or be representing another Professional Engineering/Scientific Institute.
  • It should provide advice to the Institute on technical matters relating to its sector acting as a source of technical expertise within the field of material’s structures & properties.
  • The committee should deliver a self-financing technical programme that may consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, conference, and training courses.
  • It should facilitate a network within the sector engaging with appropriate organisations, nationally and internationally.
  • The committee must maintain a web-site of value and interest to the sector.
  • It should advise the Institutes awards committee on the award of the Institute’s medals and prizes within the sector.
  • It should promote Institute membership at all levels within the sector and act as a focus for member’s professional development in its particular field of interest.
  • It should support the Institute publications by making regular contributions.



Mike Cox

Chairman of the Structure and Properties of Materials Committee