• Materials in Sheffield - materials research at Sheffield Hallam University

    Reviewing the activities of the Materials and Engineering Research Institute at the University, which is divided into four research centres covering advanced composites and coating (including nanotechnology and PVD research), structural materials and integrity (including corrosion research), electronic devices and materials and modelling.
  • Testing to the extreme - Nanoscale testing method for materials

    Reliable, high temperature, nanoscale measurements have been developed to test materials at elevated temperatures. This is vital to determine the failure of materials from fatigue and overload, and can lead to the creation of advanced materials that can operate in extreme environments.
  • Mounting tension - composites for automotive engine mountings

    Students on an Advanced Materials course at Cranfield University, UK, have developed a solution for the automotive industry that reduces weight, lowers fuel costs and reduces carbon emissions, by using alternative materials for engine mountings.
  • SMART.mat futures ― The use of smart materials in packaging

    A 2006 report from SMART.mat, one of the nodes of the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, reviews materials used in smart packaging and highlights the key legislative, security and brand promotional aspects and areas of benefit to consumer packaging.
  • Boning up on selection ― Regenerative glass scaffolds for tissue replacement

    Selecting materials for en vivo use has moved away from tissue replacement implants to using materials that stimulate the body's own regenerative mechanisms. The two main strategies are in situ tissue regeneration and tissue engineering, both techniques grow cells on bone scaffolds which are directly implanted into the body.
  • Building bridges - Duplex steel alloys used in bridge construction

    The perception in civil engineering that the use of stainless steels for bridge construction is expensive is changing. In times of high alloy prices duplex steels have become more economically attractive. These newer lean alloys can provide corrosion protection over a wide range of environmental conditions typical of bridge structures.
  • Pore it in - a new porous crystalline nanomaterial

    A chromium terephtalate based solid with unusually large pore volumes and surface area has been developed by researchers at the Université de Versailles, France. Potential applications include molecular sensors, electronics and gas storage.