Meet The Starpack Judges: Alison Vincent

16 Jun 2017
Alison Vincent, Starpack 2017 Industry Innovation Awards Judge

IOM3 spoke to Alison Vincent, Starpack 2017 Industry Innovation Awards Judge, to discuss her packaging background and what she looks forward to about the newly relaunched event.

Briefly summarise your career to date and current role.

For over 30 years I have provided leading, cutting edge packaging innovation, development and change management to FMCG consumer packaged goods companies including some of the world’s biggest companies and brands.

I am the Founder and Managing Director of AVA packaging solutions, established in 2002, and a Board Member of The Packaging Society.

With a unique blend of technical aptitude, creative flair, keen commercial awareness and strong practicality, I recognise and drive winning innovations and developments to market, saving clients time and cost whilst winning sales and market share.

Before AVA, I worked for global giants Coca-Cola and Schweppes, Proctor and Gamble, Sara Lee plus Safeway Stores, Lyons Tetley and Mothercare.

What's the best thing about the newly relaunched Starpack Packaging Industry Innovation Awards?

For me the best thing about the newly relaunched Starpack Packaging Industry Innovation Awards is the focus on innovation and technical newness together with the recognition of the key people behind the pack who in the past have not always been recognised for their efforts and achievements.

What are you, as a judge, keen to find in the entries?

As a judge, I am keen to find strong technical developments to either open or improve new markets or address and overcome issues. Newness and technical challenges that are executed well and clearly presented will be key for me.

What is the most important thing to consider as an entrant?

As an entrant, you should ensure your entries meet my comments above and match the competition requirements. Strong technology and innovation together with a clear presentation of the rationale, team and process for the development will be essential to give the judges a clear insight and understanding of the background, challenges and achievements faced by the whole team that was involved.