Industry Award Winners 2016

Details of the various categories for the 2016 awards are given below. Click on a main section heading to see winners in the corresponding categories.


  • Food  – all food packaging including fresh, frozen or other
  • Drink  –  includes packaging for wine, beer and spirits, packaging for liquid or dry tea, coffee and soft drinks  
  • Luxury – includes seasonal packaging such as Christmas gifts, Easter eggs,  high end products like perfume or jewellery 
  • Non Food  - includes packaging for household items, toys, stationary, gifts, clothing, garden equipment, decorating and electrical
  • Personal Care - includes packaging for cosmetics, toiletries, supplements, vitamins, perfumes, hair body and oral-care and all medicines including over the counter medicines
  • Inclusive Design - Pack-developments that have tackled the challenge, for any group of consumers, that ensures the majority of those consumers can use the package throughout its designed life
  • Home Delivery Packaging - Direct to front door, postal packaging and internet sales


  • Industrial – includes heavy-duty and distribution packaging that facilitates secure product transfer between businesses and potentially, re-use
  • Point of Sale - Containers of packs such as end of aisle display units, till and counter display units
  • Shelf Ready - A unit for single or multiple items, used for shelf ready display and collation, which may or may not also act as the transit pack to retailer or consumer


Enter these categories if you believe that your packaging development shows great use of new or innovative materials, new processing technology, or gives a real environmental benefit through improved recyclability, recovery, re-use or reduces food waste. If you have entered another category already, you can also enter these two, below, at a discounted rate

  • Material and/or Process Innovation - Science, technology or process developments that brought about new pack solutions, efficiencies, cost reduction etc
  • The Greenstar Sustainability Award  –  Developments that reduces, minimises or have a postivie impact on the environment


Not awarded in 2016.

  • Shooting Star Award – This award will be given to a young packaging professional who is making a real difference to the industry. Companies are invited to nominate people, and explain in no more than a 300 word submission, how that person is making a difference
  • Packaging Development Team of the Year – This award will be given to a development team or an individual that has made a real difference, adding innovation and added value to their customers in the last 12 months. Companies are invited to nominate people within their company or industry and explain in no more than a 300 word submission how that person/team has made a difference. 


Two Gold awards were awarded in 2016 - Business to Business, and Business to Consumer