How to create a "custom" short URL for your event

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15 Oct 2012

Long, unwieldy URLs are a pain when you're trying to promote your event,
especially in print. This article shows you how to make sure your URL
is short. 

When you create an event, the URL (web page address) is generated based on your event's title. This means that if the title is long, the URL will be too, such as in this illustration:

Although a long, "verbose" URL can be useful for
, if you wish to promote your event (especially in print), a short,
snappy URL is best. There are two ways you can achieve this:

  1. in the title field enter ONLY 1 or 2 essential key words. If your
    event is known by an acronym or contraction (e.g. EURADH 2012), enter only that. When
    you submit the form, the URL generated will consist only of the word(s)
    you have entered. You can then click the "edit" tab and enter the full
    title. This will make a more useful title display on your event page without affecting the URL.
  2. create your event as normal (with the full title) and email to request a shortened custom "alias" of the URL. The original URL will still remain in use, meaning that if any site users had in the meantime bookmarked that URL they won't get a "page not found" error next time they go there. You however should use your custom short URL in all your promotional literature.


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