Creating news items for your technical community

26 Feb 2010

As the webmaster of your IOM3 division, committee or group, you can quite easily post news items to your microsite anytime to highlight items of importance to your community.

Examples of news items include:

Here is a brief reminder of how to create a news item:

  1. log in to your normal IOM3 member account at - your username is your surname, and if you have forgotten your PIN/password you can get a reminder from
  2. go to
  3. fill in the fields with your content including headline, abstract (summary) and body text (main article)
  4. choose which other community sites the article should appear on (if any) from the “Special interest category (Published to microsite)” drop-down
  5. categorise the article according to materials, processes and applications – this will ensure your article is sent as an email alert to all website users who have signed up for those subjects
  6. tick “published” when you’re ready to go, and submit.

If you need to make minor edits to your article once created, be sure to untick the “send out this revision as a content alert” box to avoid sending multiple alerts to users.

If you are having problems using the CMS, or have any queries, can you please contact me and I will help you. This is what I am here for. Don’t forget also that there are many pages of instructions and other resources here on the Web Editors’ Community microsite which you can bookmark at

If you would like a refresher training session on using the IOM3 website CMS please let me know – this is normally easy to arrange and I can also do this online almost anytime using the Materials KTN’s free Interwise web-conferencing software.

I can be contacted on 020 7451 7346 or