Tip for downloadable documents

Staff Web Editors' Microsite
26 Jun 2009

If you want to attach a document to a content item, you can use either the 'fileproxy' process which is rather long-winded, or you can use the easier 'downloadable documents' module present near the bottom of most content submit forms.

The disadvantages of the latter are (a) these documents can't currently be access-restricted (although this is currently being investigated) and (b) your documents will always appear in the 'attachments' list in a fixed place on your page. The 'fileproxy' process does get round both of those issues, but if your document doesn't need to be restricted, you can still avoid the 'list' problem and link to it anywhere you like while still using 'downloadable documents'. Here's how:

1) add your document using the 'downloadable documents' module

2) untick 'list' adjacent to the document 

3) right-click and copy the direct URL of the document in the list

4) go back up to the section of the content form where you want to put your inline link to the document

5) create your link to the document as you would normally do

When you submit your page, the document will not show up in the automatic 'attachments' box because you 'de-listed' it in 'downloadable documents', but the link to it will still work.

The general website editing instructions has been updated with the above details.