Content alerts service now live

31 Jul 2009

Our long-awaited content alerts facility has now been put live.

This feature enables users to receive email notifications whenever news articles, features, events and jobs of interest to them are posted to the site. They can also receive alerts when other users post comments on news, features and forum topics.

‘My Alerts’ appears as a new tab within ‘My Profile’ after you’ve logged into the site.

How does this affect my content and editing?

Firstly, always ensure that you categorise your content appropriately, because this is the main way users select what they want to be notified about. For example, creating a news item and choosing the subject categories composites, polymers and mining means your item will directly reach users who have chosen composites, polymers and mining in their ‘my alerts’ settings.

Secondly, you will notice that under ‘Publishing options’ near the bottom of all content submit forms is a checkbox marked:

Send out this revision as a content alert (*NOW LIVE*) Tick on first publishing and important updates only.

This allows you to determine whether your content gets sent out to users. If you leave the box checked, users who have chosen to receive alerts matching the subjects under which you have categorised your content will receive a link to your item in their next email alert.

The box is checked by default every time you create or update an article or other item of content. Therefore please only leave this box ticked if you are sure you want users to be alerted. If you are only amending a typo or tweaking the formatting, you are advised to untick the box.


Note that users will only receive alerts about PUBLISHED content. Thus if you have just created a new item and are reviewing it in unpublished form prior to putting it live, you can make as many edits as you want and none of these will trigger alerts until you tick the ‘published’ box.

Updates to static content (e.g. microsite home pages, committee contacts pages etc) will NOT trigger alerts.

Further information

There is a special help page for alerts at (this is part of the Institute’s new FAQ page at