New research papers page for technical community microsites

10 Dec 2009

Following David Gooch’s proposal earlier this year, technical communities now have the option of having a new page on their microsite for “research papers”.

This is a page that editors can update whenever they like with basic details of, and links to, papers from IOM3 journals relevant to their discipline which they would like to bring to the attention of their community and any other interested IOM3 members. This is a way of adding value to microsites by updating it with “low-maintenance” content.

The Energy Materials Group is the first to step up to the plate and they now have such a page at

This is a member-only page, so if you log in to the site you will find you can click on either of the links to the papers (i.e. “Advanced composite materials in wind turbine applications: recent R&D activities” or “Energy - materials and mechanisms”) and a new window will open, in which you will have free access to the full text of the paper on

Technical communities wishing to have a research papers page for their own microsite should in the first instance simply do the following:

go to a relevant journal on Ingenta – there is a full list of links at (you will need to log in to see this page)

find a paper or two that you would like to highlight by going to the relevant volume of the journal and clicking on the paper in question

copy the title, author(s), source, publisher and abstract details and paste these into an MS Word document, a Notepad text file or the body of an email

copy the URL of the paper from your browser address bar and paste that into your document/email as well

send the content you have just copied & pasted to

I will then create your research papers page with the content you have sent.

Going forward, you will need to maintain the page yourself – you can update it at any time by finding a paper of choice and pasting in the relevant details in the same format. Make the paper title a link to the paper on Ingenta, and you will find that clicking the link will automatically take members direct to the full text of the paper which they can read for free.

You could also if you like highlight the fact that you have updated your page by adding an iedit to the home page of your microsite with a link to the research papers page.

I look forward to receiving your initial research papers page content, and if you need further information or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Direct tel 020 7451 7346