IOM3 website editing for microsite editors - basics / quick start guide

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7 Jan 2010

Last updated 07/01/10

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The IOM3 website has a built-in content management system (CMS), meaning all the tools for editing the site are available on the site itself – you do not need to download any software to do this. Any edits done on this site will be live and publicly accessible unless you change the publishing settings or access restrictions accordingly.


Logging in

To log in to the site click log in at the top right or bottom right of any page.

Unless otherwise instructed, your login details will be the normal user name and password you use to access the IOM3 site for regular member services.

Once you are successfully logged in the message You are logged in will be displayed above the top menu bar.


Creating new content

  • You can either click My profile (in the quick links bar above the main navigation) and then Create new content, or go direct to (you are recommended to bookmark/favourite this page in your browser for future use).
  • This page lists all the content types you are permitted to manage
  • Click on a content type to create a new item
  • Content types you are permitted to create are listed below:


Conference Proceedings

Page listing Conference Proceedings with list of papers and linked PDF files of the full papers/presentations. Linked files are member-only content. Please request separate instructions if you wish to set up conference proceedings.

Document: This uploads a document to the website Media Library. These documents can then be linked from other content (eg event flyer, board meeting minutes etc)

Event: Add an event to the events diary (ALL event types – IOM3, Local Society, Divisions, external etc).

Feature: A Feature article to appear in the Magazine microsites or on Technical Community microsites. Features are member-only content

Forum topic: Create a new topic for discussion in the forums. You can also manage this directly in the forums themselves

Image: Upload an image (with thumbnail) to the Media Library. This can then be inserted into other content (eg images can be linked from Features, News)

News article: A news article to appear on the main IOM3 site, Magazine microsite, Technical Community microsite, or Local Society microsite


Editing existing content

Note that you can only edit your own content such as news and events, and only the static pages of the microsite(s) of which you are webmaster. If you need to edit anything else, please contact us.

Static content (i.e. microsite pages)

  • Go to your microsite
  • Find the item you want to edit i.e. a page or a page element (iedit)
  • Click the edit tab directly below the page title or the inline edit link directly beneath the box of content you want to edit
  • Make your edits and submit the form

Dynamic content (e.g. news, events or anything listed on the "create content" page)

  • Go to my profile
  • Click my contributions
  • Browse through the list to find the required item
  • Click on the item
  • Click the edit tab directly below the page title
  • Make your edits and submit the form

You can of course also go direct to any of your content items if you know where it is and edit it rather than browsing for it. If you want to edit an event, there is a small "events management" menu on all event pages on the website with the option to "manage my events" which will bring up a list of all the events you've created, with the status of, and links to, each one.


Mandatory fields

All fields in the various content submission forms marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.



The site displays and works best in Firefox. This can be downloaded free from

If you are using Internet Explorer version 8 you are advised to put it into "compatibility mode" to avoid certain display bugs.

The site does not work well in Internet Explorer version 6. If you are still using this browser you are strongly recommended to upgrade to a later version.


Web Editors’ Community site

The Web Editors' Community is a microsite containing information and resources for everyone who edits the IOM3 website: or


Support contact details

If you have any problems or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us - details below or go to

Please contact Richard in the first instance.

Richard Cooper
Web & New Media Development Manager, IOM3
Tel 020 7451 7346

Nuna Staniaszek
Director of Communications, IOM3
Tel 020 7451 7320