SWMA community activities

Outreach and Public Engagement

SWMA participates in local public engagement events to try and promote Materials Sicence with the local public, especially children.

We recently had a stall at Supper Scienece Sunday in the Swansea Waterfront Museum.

If you would be interested in us hosting a stall or running a workshop, please get in touch.

2019-2020 Events

> 10th October – Annual Dinner
> 15th October – Hybrisan – Chris Mortimer (Novel applications of nanofibers in wound dressings)
> November – Blast Furnace 5 Repair
> December – Royal Mint Tour & Lectures
> 29th January – Young Persons’ Lecture Competition
> February – Perpetuus – Graphene & nanotubes
> Early March – Young Persons’ Lecture Competition Regional Heat
> 26th March – The House Built of Chocolate – Liz Sackett & Hollie Cockings
> Sponsoring MAGNET young professionals symposium in 2020
> Places available for early career members of council

Young Persons' Lecture Competition

Each year the SWMA hosts a first round heat of the IOM3 national Young Persons' Lecture Competition. The aim of this is to provide an atmosphere of friendly competition for young Materials Scientists and Engineers so that their presentation skills will improve whilst addressing an informed audience. Each entrant gives a 15 minute presentation on a subject of their choice related to Materials Science or Engineering. The event is divided into two age categories and the winners proceed to the Regional Final and if successful there to the National Final. The most recent heat winners are:  

2019 -James Grant

2018 - Emily Radley 

2016/17- Alistair Barnes 

2015 - 

2013/14 - Michael Agyeman

2012 - Morgan Jones

2011 - Daniel Bryant
2010 - David Eaves
2009 - Samantha Cashmore
2008 - David Warren
2007 - John Forsdike (WINNER -  IOM3 National Final)
2006 - Class I : Barry Garnham, Class II : Alex Gater
2005 - Class I : Luke Mainwaring
2003 - Class II : Stephen Tuppen
2001 - Class I : Clare Wynn, Class II : Justin Searle
2000 - Class II : Justin Searle (reached IOM3 National Final)
1999 - Class I : David Jarvis, Class II : Stephen Price
1998 - Class I : Susan Powell, Class II : Carwyn Lloyd-Jones

Schools Affiliate Scheme

The South Wales Materials Association is active in supporting the Institute's Schools Affiliate Scheme, which aims to support the teaching of the materials, minerals and mining related topics in the key stage 3, key stage 4 and post-16 curriculum, and raise awareness of and promote careers in the fields of materials, minerals and mining engineering.