SUNRISE: solar energy for India

10 Dec 2019

Our next SWMA talk, SUNRISE: solar energy for India, will be on Tuesday 10th December from 6pm in B004, Engineering Central, Swansea University Bay Campus. It will be given by Dr Ian Mabbett, COO of SUNRISE and Associate Professor at Swansea University. There will also be the usual free drinks and pizza. For more information, check out the facebook event:

About SUNRISE: SUNRISE is an international project to address global energy poverty through the development of next-generation solar technologies.

In 2017, 840 million people globally were still without access to electricity, with rural areas lagging behind the global average. In India, even where grid connections are available, issues persist with the quality and affordability of the supply in many remote areas. Solar power would seem to be the logical solution to providing affordable, reliable power in locations where the grid connection is poor or non-existent. While traditional silicon solar panels remain expensive to install and maintain, recent advances in low-cost, thin-film photovoltaics means the deployment of solar in remote locations has become far more viable. SUNRISE plans to take advantage of and build upon these developments through a network of top research teams from across the UK and the Global South. The research will then be implemented in a series of demonstrator buildings in Indian villages powered by affordable, integrated solar technology.

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Swansea University Bay Campus
Swansea University Bay Campus
Crymlyn Burrows
United Kingdom