Society for Adhesion and Adhesives board

The science and technology of adhesion and adhesives is an exceedingly active field. With the use of increasingly sophisticated materials in complex structures, there are many situations where the use of adhesives is either the only possibility or a choice which it is difficult to resist. This gives to the study of adhesion and adhesives an important enabling role for most, if not all, the disciplines traditionally addressed by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. It is worth noting that the UK has a long and distinguished history and a continuing high reputation in this field.

The SAA has now been in existence since April 2000 and has nearly 300 members from across the world. Apart from acting as the desired focus within the UK, it also organises two major international conferences every three years and two one-day seminars, one in the Spring and the second in the Winter.


Aims & objectives

Our aims are to:

  • Promote the advancement of the science and technology of adhesion and adhesives by disseminating this knowledge via a range of seminars, conferences and publications, including the proceedings of such meetings and a periodic newsletter.
  • Acknowledge individual achievement in the field via the award of medals, prizes, et cetera.
  • Promote co-operation with and between learned Societies which see adhesion and adhesives as an enabling technology.

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