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Need for a recognised centre
Present status
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The science and technology of adhesion and adhesives is an exceedingly active field. With the use of increasingly sophisticated materials in complex structures, there are many situations where the use of adhesives is either the only possibility or a choice which it is difficult to resist. This gives to the study of adhesion and adhesives an important enabling role for most, if not all, the disciplines traditionally addressed by The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). It is worth noting that the UK has a long and distinguished history and a continuing high reputation in this field.

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Need for a recognised centre

Prior to 2000, the majority of those people who were professionally active in this field in Britain found the focus of their scientific and technical enthusiasm and vigour through the Adhesives Section of The Institute of Materials (IoM). At that time, it provided the major forum for communication and interaction in the whole of this field in the UK.

This gave the needed balance with the British Adhesives and Sealants Association (BASA) which was, and still is, concerned with the more commercial and legal aspects of adhesives and their use.

Throughout the remainder of the world there were separate and distinct independent institutions which provided for all this activity. This is quite apparent and clearly indicated in their titles - for example: the Adhesion Society Inc. in the USA, the Adhesion Society of Japan, Section Francaise de l'Adhesion, et cetera. During 1999 there were progressive moves for closer international co-operation and, particularly, for conferences to be arranged with ever wider geographical appeal. For example, the conference "Adhesion '96", at Cambridge, was the sixth of a series in Britain and was simultaneously "Euradh '96" - the third in a European series. Similarly, the eighth Adhesion conference, in Glasgow, was also the sixth in the Euradh series. Further, the first World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena (WCARP-1) was held during 1998 in Germany, the second took place in the United States of America in 2002, the third, in 2006, took place in The Peoples Republic of China and that in 2010 is scheduled to take place in France.

It was, therefore, vital that there should be for Britain a focal point for all this activity which would be clearly recognisable and recognised both nationally and internationally.

This was deemed to be important for the advancement of knowledge and understanding in this area because:

It facilitates co-ordination at every level, nationally and more widely, in a totally independent way.

Being free of commercial interest, it can provide a balanced view of the state of the art which is valuable to government, industry and research organisations [including universities] alike.

It facilitates information transfer between researchers, formulators and potential users.

The major and prime consequence would be the unequivocal establishment of a focus for all matters relating to adhesion and adhesives, both nationally and internationally.

Whilst the Adhesion Section of the IoM did perform this function, there was no clear indication in the title to suggest this; hence the need for a recognised centre.

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Present Status

It was agreed that the Adhesion Section of the IoM should be restructured and become the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives (SAA); still based at what has since become the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. The SAA has now been in existence since April 2000 and has nearly 300 members from across the world. Apart from acting as the desired focus within the UK, it also organises two major international conferences every three years and two one-day seminars, one in the Spring and the second in the Winter.

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Summary of Benefits

The SAA at IOM3 provides a clearly identified focus in this country for all adhesion matters; both nationally and internationally.

Members of the SAA will be able to benefit from reduced fees for adhesion and adhesives conferences organised by the SAA at IOM3.

There is a dedicated web site for the benefit of all SAA members.

Members have the opportunity to subscribe to two major publications (The International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives and The Journal of Adhesion) at significantly reduced prices.

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General Meeting Papers

7th General Meeting September 2019 (27 KB)

7th General Meeting September 2019 (26 KB)

SAA Board nomination form (MS Word 36 KB)

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