The Adhesion Science and Technology Short Course

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
14 Jan 2012

Over the two days [24 and 25 February 2012] immediately prior to the Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society Inc. [the American adhesion society] a course is held to introduce interested parties to the science and technology associated with adhesion
and adhesives.

The course provides an introduction and overview to a variety of critically important topics in the field of adhesion and adhesives. Unlike other courses, the goal here is not to give comprehensive coverage of the adhesion field but rather to use the Adhesion Society Annual Meeting to assemble an outstanding group of instructors that would not otherwise be available in a single course. Each subject is presented by a sciemtist who is a world leader in that area. This gives attendees the opportunity to learn from and interact with scientists whose expertise provides a unique view into the history, science and relevance of their topic.

The full programme is now available through the link below and registration can be made through the Adhesion Society's website.