Innovations in Adhesive and Sealant Technologies

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
5 Apr 2012

Details of the Christmas 2012 Seminar, jointly organised by the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives (SAA), the British Adhesives and Sealants Association (BASA) and The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, have been announced. As usual the seminar will take place at the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI0 at 15 Belgrave Square, London, UK. It will comence at 10.00 a,m, on Thursday 06 December 2012.

Dr Bill Broughton writes:

"Europe remains at the forefront of research, development, implementation and exploitation of adhesives and sealants technology worldwide. It is the ability to innovate and adapt new technologies in the face of economic, environmental and technological pressures that will ensure that Europe can compete effectively and maintain its leading role in the adhesives and sealants market. This one-day seminar showcases technological developments within industry and academia that are expected to have a major impact in the foreseeable future in meeting the challenges confronting the adhesives and sealants industries. The seminar brings together industrial and academic experts from a wide range of backgrounds within the adhesive and sealant technology communities. It covers a wide range of technological developments from innovations in processing, surface treatment and disbonding (disassembling), hybrid composite-metal joining technology, to new material systems including nano-modified adhesives and sealants."

He has assembled seven leading speakers in their field:

Innovations in Prebond Treatment:
Gary Critchlow, Loughborough University

Innovations in Dis-bonding Techniques for Repair and Recycling of Vehicles: James Broughton, Oxford Brookes University

Development of a Hybrid Technique for Composite-Metal Joining: Dan Graham, Advanced Technology Centre, BAE Systems

Getting the Most Out of Adhesion – A Hands-off Approach: Ewen Kellar, TWI

Nano-modification of Adhesives and Sealants: Superbly Beneficial or a Waste of time?: Steve Shaw, DSTL, Porton Down

Global Opportunities for New Methylmethacrylate Adhesive Technology: Patrick O'Shea, Scott Bader Co Ltd

Toughening Solutions for High Performance Epoxy Adhesives: Angela Smits, Coatings and Polymers, Croda Nederland B.V.

The programme and registration documentation will appear in a few weeks time