Second adhesion scientist to be awarded an FRS

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
21 May 2007
Tony Kinloch

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that it was announced on Friday 18th May that Professor Tony Kinloch was awarded his fellowship of the Royal Society.

Tony is only the second adhesion scientist to be so honoured; Norman de Bruyne, notable for his work on the science of adhesion and the invention of composite materials (Gordon Aerolite), honeycomb and structural adhesives for aerospace applications, became a Fellow in 1967.

Tony’s citation states:

Professor Anthony James Kinloch: Professor of Adhesion, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London

In the science and technology of adhesion, he is distinguished for his work in establishing surface treatment for bonding thermoplastic composites, elucidating the mechanisms of aqueous attack in joints, rubber toughening of thermosetting adhesives and the use of fracture mechanics in characterising the toughness of adhesives and analysing the mechanics of peeling.

I am sure all members would want to join with me in wishing Tony our heartfelt congratulations on the receipt of such a singular honour.

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