Demise of the Conference Series: “Structural Adhesives in Engineering”

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
14 Aug 2006

SAA members might have noticed that the item covering SAE VIII, in the Events page, has been deleted. The retiring Chairman, John Comyn writes:

SAE VII, the seventh in the series of ‘Structural Adhesives in Engineering’ conferences was held in the summer of 2004; and this, unfortunately, will be the last. The SAA committee has decided not to proceed with SAE VIII, which was planned for the summer of 2007.

The overriding factor in reaching this decision was that, over the years, the numbers of submitted presentations and of conference delegates has been declining such that the point of viability has been passed.

This is actually a problem of success, in that many of the problems encountered with structural adhesives now have solutions: for example, Airbus 380 and some supercars made by Jaguar and Aston Martin are now extensively bonded.

All the conferences have been held in Bristol; and the university’s Professor RD Adams has been keenly associated with them. We have had many enjoyable conference dinners aboard the ‘SS Great Britain’.

This tradition will not die; there will be a session devoted to the topic at Adhesion ‘08/Euradh 2008, which is to be held in Oxford, at St. Catherine’s College, in September 2008.

Structural adhesives have dominated the activities of the SAA for many years; the question is: ‘Where do we go from here?’. Possibilities that have been identified are: adhesion in electronics; biological adhesion; particle adhesion. Your views are welcomed.