SAA General Meeting Minutes for 2005

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
27 Sep 2005


                                        SOCIETY FOR ADHESION AND ADHESIVES



Having given due notice, the
second general meeting of the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives was held at
17.45 hours at St Catherine's College, Oxford on Wednesday 7th September
2005.  There were no apologies for

The meeting was attended by
twenty-seven members and the Chairman (Dr John Comyn) opened proceedings by
reading the minutes of the first general meeting held at the University of Strathclyde
on 10th September 2002.  It
was proposed by Prof Allen and seconded by Prof Adams that these minutes be
accepted as a true and accurate record. 
This proposal was carried unanimously.

The Chairman then gave a brief
review of the activities of the Society since that time and these had included
six one-day subject-based scientific meetings and SAE VII which was
successfully held at Bristol
in 2004.

In accordance with its
constitution, the three longest serving members of the management board had
resigned.  Also in accordance with the
constitution, these three, namely Prof Adams (proposed Mr Palmer, seconded Dr
Tod and Prof Kinloch), Prof Kinloch (proposed Mr Palmer, seconded Prof Adams
and Dr Tod) and Mr Bowditch (proposed Dr Tod, seconded Dr Comyn and Mr Palmer)
had agreed to serve for a further period. 
In addition the three co-opted members agreed to stand as follows; Dr
Broughton (proposed Prof Kinloch, seconded Dr Comyn and Mr Bowditch), Dr
Critchlow (proposed Dr Comyn, seconded Prof Kinloch and Prof Adams) and Dr
Taylor (proposed Dr Comyn, seconded Prof Kinloch and Mr Bowditch).  Prof. Crocombe of the University of Surrey
had also agreed to serve having been proposed by Prof Adams and seconded by
Messrs. Bowditch and Palmer.  The
returning officer, Dr Chivers, explained that these nominees, having been
appropriately proposed and seconded, could all be accepted as members of the
Board with the overall numbers meeting the normal requirements of the
constitution.  The proposals were
approved by the members present and all were declared to be duly elected.

In the absence of any other
business, the Chairman notified those present that the next General Meeting
would be held in 2008 at Adhesion ‘08/Euradh and closed the meeting at 17.50h.

[Secretary's Note: The balance of
the board, in addition to those newly elected, is as follows:

Dr J Comyn, Mr J A
Bishopp, Prof K W Allen, Dr R A Chivers,

Dr EJ C Kellar, Mr J
D Palmer, Prof S J Shaw and Dr D A Tod]




John Comyn



26th October 2005


SAA Board - nomination slip


The election of the new Board
will take place at the General Meeting to be held at Adhesion '08 on Wednesday 3rd
September 2008 at 18.10h.  All proposers
and seconders must be current members of the Society for Adhesion and
Adhesives.  The willingness of the
nominee to serve must be indicated by the nominee's signature as indicated.




Seconder (1)

Seconder (2)

Acceptance signature

Retiring members:





DA Tod (05/88)


JA  Bishopp (05/89)


JD Palmer (03/93)

AJ Kinloch


WR Broughton


SJ Shaw?

AD Crocombe


AJ Kinloch


J Comyn

J Comyn


J Comyn


AJ Kinloch


Co-opted members:













New members:




















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26th April 2008