• Q&A with Mark Watters from The BidBase

    Idha Valeur talks to Mark Watters, Managing Director of The BidBase, about bid writing, common mistakes, how to avoid them and what makes a good bid writer.
  • Pitching for research funding

    Securing funding for research is a job in itself – it requires research. Where to go for help? How to write the application? And how do you make the most of the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls? Idha Valeur explores how best to navigate the funding jungle.
  • The history of IOM3

    Take a look at how IOM3 has grown from the Iron and Steel Institute to become a representative body of more than 20 divisions in 2019.
  • Get talking – President’s message

    IOM3 President Serena Best highlights the need for collaboration and inclusivity as the Institute moves forward.
  • Get talking – CEO’s message

    IOM3 CEO Colin Church discusses the work ahead as the Institute strives to champion responsible materials development and waste management.
  • Q&A with Professor Ton Peijs

    Ahead of the IOM3 Cosponsored Industrial Nanocomposites Conference hear from Keynote Speaker, Prof Ton Peijs, on his thoughts on the nanocomposites industry.
  • Automotive adhesion

    How the role of plastics and composites can affect the future of automotive lightweighting
  • Wasting paper?

    An unusual application of waste paper is explained by Dr Anthony Crabbe and Dr Anton Ianakiev
  • Bloodhound: supersonic car

    Roland Dennison explains the design and testing behind the British engineered vehicle aiming to set a new world land speed record
  • Progress on processes

    Rhiannon Garth Jones looks at developments in production technology.