IOM3 on social media

IOM3 is very active on social media with thousands of members part of our community. 

Join us to stay up to date with the latest news in materials science, engineering and mining from both ourselves and other sources. 

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Also follow our member magazine Materials World on Twitter.

Staff accounts

For even more updates and communications, follow these IOM3 staff:

Sarah Boad - Membership development

Melanie Boyce - Conferences & events

Anthony Caggiano - News & features (Commissioning Editor, Materials World)

Colin Church - IOM3 Chief Executive

Richard Cooper - Website & social media

Natalie Daniels - Institute news/PR/media/communications

Efi Fragkou - International & Younger Member activities

Lucy Harvie-Austin - Conferences & events

Allison Herve - Conferences & events

IOM3 activities on Twitter

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Affiliated groups

A number of our local societies and technical groups are on Twitter. These accounts are run by those groups, not by the Institute. The list below does not represent a comprehensive list of our communities, which can be found here.

Local societies on Twitter

Cleveland Institution of Engineers    @The_CIE
Cornish Institute of Engineers     @cornishengineer
Coventry and Warwickshire Materials Society  @CWMS_IOM3
East Midlands Materials Society     @Eastmidmatsoc
Irish North Materials Group @NImaterials
Leeds Bradford Materials Engineering Society     @lbmes
Manchester Metallurgical society  @McrMetSoc
Manchester Polymer Group     @MCRPolymerGroup
MinSouth    @MinSouth
Newport and District Materials Society   @NDMS_IOM3
South Wales Materials Association    @SWMA_IOM

Technical groups on Twitter

The Iron & Steel Society @ISS150
Materials Chemistry Committee @matchemcomm
Natural Materials Association @natmatassoc
The Packaging Society @thepackagingsoc
Rubber in Engineering Group @riegiom3
Wood Technology Society @wood_technology