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Smart materials sector
Link to the smart materials surfaces and structures KTN on the materials KTN portal.


A web-based source of smart materials information.

Smart Materials and Structures - IOP journal

X-ray & Neutron Scattering in Multiferroics Research

Multiferroic materials offer the opportunity for many new types of devices - from ultralow magnetic field sensors to new types of multiple state memories.

Much has been learnt of these materials through the use of diffraction and spectroscopy methods through synchrotron and neutron scattering combined with other methods, including bulk and thin film metrology and atomistic modelling.

The X-ray & Neutron Scattering in Multiferroics Research workshops comprise a series of one day meetings designed to bring together experts from the multiferroics, magnetoelectrics and ferroelectrics communities with neutron and synchrotron facility users to present the latest developments in this field. The meetings are co-organised by the Smart Materials & Systems Committee of the UK's Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Electrosciences Ltd (Director Prof Markys G. Cain) and The XMaS Beamline (Paul Thompson).


Encyclopedia of Smart Materials
ed Mel Schwartz; ISBN: 0-471-17780-6; March 2002.

Smart Materials Design Guide
Online handbook of smart materials aimed at designers. Located on the smart materials sector website.


See also the Jobs page on the main IOM3 site.

Materials ModellingThomas Young Centre

The Thomas Young Centre is a intersciplinary research network which brings together a range of groups within London who are all interested in materials modelling.

An interdisciplinary and collaborative environment at the cutting-edge of materials modelling research which offers an opportunity to socialise, make friends, and build networks of contacts which can help with your research and finding a job after your PhD. Please go to: