• Biomimetic coating for electric transmission

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), USA, are developing a coating, based on the water repelling, microscale surface structures and nanoscale waxy protrusions of the lotus leaf. It is hoped that the technology may be used to help conserve energy in electric transmission systems, by creating a self-clean insulator surface to prevent leaking, currents, dry band arcing and flashover.
  • Smart Materials, Structures and Surfaces Network

    Materials World magazine
    SMART.mat (the Smart Materials, Structures and Surfaces Network) brings together a consortium comprising of the IOM3, QinetiQ and NAMTEC to increase awareness and take up of smart materials and technologies by UK businesses.
  • Controlled delamination materials technology separate packs electronically

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A new centre in Karlstad, Sweden showcases Controlled Delamination Materials (CDM) technology, a novel technique that enables two or more attached packs or parts of packages to be separated electronically with the flick of a switch. The process offers potential for easy opening of consumer products and new distribution systems.
  • Intelligent clothing with smart materials

    Materials World magazine
    The How Smart Are We? conference held on 15 September 2006 at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London, UK, and highlighted some of the technology and functionality needed for successful marketing of smart materials in textiles.
  • Copper's antimicrobial properties could be employed to create hygienic surfaces in hospitals, such as doors, door knobs, counter tops and bed rails. Image: Nick Yarsley

    Antimicrobial properties of copper

    Materials World magazine
    Recent research at the University of Southampton, UK, has shown that copper surfaces could help to prevent the spread of Influenza A viruses that cause seasonal and epidemic flu infections. Ongoing research has proved the significant antimicrobial effects of copper and its alloys.
  • SMART.mat - the UK's Smart Materials, Surfaces and Structures Network

    Materials World magazine
    SMART.mat is a node of the materials KTN that implement information and outreach activities to allow the business community to become better informed about the benefits of using smart materials and to facilitate the development of new products and applications. The aim is to bring industry and academia closer and to foster joint projects and collaborations.
  • Materials KTN and SMART.mat launch

    Materials World magazine
    The Materials KTN was launched on 19 January 2006 at the Science Museum, London, UK, and will bring together industry and research expertise to provide a one-stop shop for materials advice to UK industry. SMART.mat, a new DTI initiative to help industry to exploit ‘smart' technology, was launched at the same event.
  • Materials KTN to give UK manufacturers a competitive edge

    The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, a new partnership between businesses, universities, and research and technology organisations to boost UK manufacturing, was inaugerated by Science and Innovation Minister Lord Sainsbury, on 19 January.
  • SMART.mat launched to exploit 'smart' technology

    SMART.mat, a DTI initiative to help UK industry exploit 'smart' technology, was launched on 19 January by Science and Innovation minister Lord Sainsbury.