• Surface Enhanced Micro Optical Fluidic Systems

    Plastic diagnostic lab-on-a-chip

    Materials World magazine
    A low-cost portable polymer tool that allows for quick diagnoses in remote environments is being developed by a group of European researchers. A key element to the system is microfluidic transport of the sample and reagents through various channels. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces help control the fluid flow and reduce unwanted protein adsorption.
  • Smart nanostructures to make chemical reactors more energy efficient

    Materials World magazine
    Nanostructured materials, tailored to respond to various stimuli, may form the basis of more energy efficient chemical reactors by regulating reactions, momentum, and heat and mass transfer inside the plants. A consortium of three UK universities, Leeds, Bath and Glasgow, is in the early stages of developing this nanotechnology from molecular metal oxides and polymers.
  • Exposed wires coated in the PATCH solution

    PATCHwork for frayed wires

    Materials World magazine
    A cheap but effective polymeric coating to repair damaged aircraft wires and prevent them from sparking and causing an explosion is available, says a chemist at the University of Dayton Research Institute, USA.
  • A British passport with the biometric symbol on the front

    Stopping identity fraud with quantum tunnelling composites

    Materials World magazine
    The risk of fraudsters or terrorists hacking into our personal data will reduce if novel ultrathin switches are incorporated into biometric passports and contactless credit cards, says the team at Peratech in Richmond, UK. The technology is made from quantum tunnelling composites (QTCs) and allows the owner to restrict when sensitive information, contained in radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips, is read by pressing the control.
  • Materials awards seek entrants

    Four materials-related prizes, organised by the Federation of European Materials Societies, are open for nominations.
  • IOM3 at Japanese automotive congress

    Report on the Institute's participation at The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan's Annual Congress
  • Materials mapping seeks your views

    The Royal Society of Chemistry is conducting an online materials mapping exercise.
  • Textile solutions to sweating in sport

    Materials World magazine
    By combining two well-established textiles – Outlast phase-change material and the super absorbent fibre Oasis SAF – Charlton Lamb, based in London, UK, appears to have come with a solution to produce caps, helmets and clothing that are lined to limit heating up of the body and sweating when playing sports or in hot and unpredictable environments.
  • Final programme available for Materials Congress

    A full listing of presentations is now available for Materials Congress, which is being held from 13-15 May in Grantham, UK. The technical symposia and masterclasses incorporate an exciting array of speakers representing a vast array of sectors.
  • Overview of programme for Materials Congress 2008

    An 'at a glance' programme for Materials Congress 2008, to be held on 13-15 May 2008 in Grantham, can be downloaded for a quick and easy overview of all the sessions taking place.