SMEA Travel Awards

The purpose of the SMEA Travel Awards is to enable students, technicians and young professionals to attend international conferences, to obtain work experience and visit organisations abroad that would not be possible without financial assistance.

However, it should be recognised that there are a number of other travel award schemes available, for example the Freshgate and Gauntlet Trusts, EPSRC.  Also, it would be usual for companies to pay for attendance at conferences and for foreign visits, which are directly related to their business or part of a career development plan.  Candidates should seek advice and explore the availability of these alternative sources of finance before applying for a SMEA Travel Award.  This will prevent duplication and ensure that support is given to people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to travel.

One of the features of the SMEA Travel Award is that there is a degree of flexibility in the selection of suitable candidates and each application will be assessed on its merits.  The primary objective is to help young people develop their abilities and gain experiences, which will be of value to them in their chosen career.  In addition to applications from individuals for assistance with foreign travel projects, SMEA will consider proposals, which are based on travel in the UK and Group Projects (involving a maximum of 4 people).

The administration of the Awards will be regularly reviewed at SMEA council meetings and with the Universities and local companies, and agreement reached on the type of applications most worthy of support.  Whilst not excluding other applications, the 2020 Awards will favour:

  • MEng and PhD students who are conducting research or specialising in a Materials related topic.
  • Applicants who are presenting papers at a conference or travelling abroad for a well defined purpose.
  • Members of the SMEA and The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining.
  • Individuals who might be expected to make a significant contribution to UK industry.
  • Applications where there is a personal contribution to the overall cost.
  • ONC, HNC, HND and Foundation Degree technicians in training or recently qualified who show significant promise to develop into more senior materials or engineering-related roles.