SMEA - Where Do We Go From Here

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
18 Jun 2020

The SMEA is going through big changes. The two members who have been the backbone of the SMEA for over two decades, Ken Ridal and Rod Stratton are retiring. If that wasn’t enough, like everybody in the country we have been hit by the effects of Coronavirus. The organisation is going through a transition with Mark Tomlinson taking over as secretary and Andrew Kirton-Vaughan as treasurer. At the same time a review of the structure and aims of the Association has started. We will keep you informed of progress in the coming months

One of the major activities of the Association is the program which includes the evening lectures, the Celebrity and Barraclough lecture, Guest Night, the Works visit and the Annual dinner. This year Peter Morris will be responsible for its organisation. A few decisions have already been taken. So, what can we say now:

  1. Evening lectures – in 2020 there will be no evening lectures at the Crown Plaza Royal Victoria because of the restrictions caused by Coronavirus. We are planning to substitute these with online lectures which members will be able to watch free, but you will have to provide your own coffee and biscuit. The plan is to hold these meetings on Tuesday’s at 18.00. What happens in 2021 is too difficult to predict today. We will keep you informed as things develop
  2. Quiz Night – we plan to hold the quiz on 20th Oct but it will be held online. Watch this space for details.
  3. Annual Dinner – this will not be held in 2020. There are a number of options we are considering ranging from cancelling the dinner to postponing it until early 2021.  The backstop is that we are planning to hold the 2020 dinner in November 2021.
  4. Hadfield Memorial Lecture – this will not be held in 2020. Sheffield University have yet to announce whether it will be cancelled or postponed.
  5.  Guest Night and Works Visit – these events to Brodsworth Hall and Doncasters Fabrications – Aerospace Division respectively were cancelled this year because of the lockdown but we have agreed in principal to go to both places in 2021.
  6. Barraclough Lecture and Members Dinner – we are planning to hold both events in March 2021 but there must be doubts because of Coronavirus
  7. Celebrity Lecture – after we had to cancel the 2020 lecture we are pleased to confirm that in principal David Bond CEO of Sheffield Forgemasters International has agreed to present the 2021 lecture.

So, change is coming but because of Coronavirus there is a great deal of uncertainty particularly about the 2020/21 program. As information becomes available we will keep you informed via various social media. Watch this space.