Winner of Local Heat of National Lecture Competition

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
27 Feb 2018
Winner  Anton Permyakov being congratulated by President Mark  Tomlnison

SMEA members were treated to an excellent evening with four lectures presented on vary diverse topics from Stainless Steels to Polyurethane and Novel Titanium Alloys to Perovskites. The standard was so high that the judges had a period of overtime before announcing the winner. Chairman of judges Mark Tomlinson summarised by saying it was a very close decision and that the standard of presentation had been raised to an all time high. He then announced that the winner was Anton Permyakov from the University of Sheffield for his lecture on: Perovskites & Revolution of Solar Cells. Anton goes forward to the regional competition in two weeks time hoping to go one better than committee member Colleen  Mann who won the National Competition two years ago and finished third in the International Competition in Brazil. Anton received a cheque for £100. The jury could not separate the other three competitors so Jake English, Liam O'Connor and Lyndsey Benson each received cheques for £75