SMEA Annual Dinner Prize Winners

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
11 Nov 2017
SMEA Prize Winners 2017

Over 270 people attended the SMEA Annual Dinner on Friday 10 November at the Cutlers Hall. A highlight of the evening was the award of prizes to students from both Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield by the SMEA president Mark Tomlinson. The winners were:

1. Hatfield  Memorial Prizes for Academic Excellence

    Jason Burnap
    Level 2 MEng/Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

    Robert Morris
    Level 2 MEng BioEngineering, Interdisciplinary Programmes

   Richard Michael James  
   Final Year Student in B Eng (Hon) Materials Engineering

    Adam Wright
    BEng (Hons) in Materials Engineering  2nd Year Student

2. SMEA Prize in Aerospace Engineering

Awarded to a 3rd year student taking the Materials & Structures elective in the M Eng in Aerospace Engineering (Interdisciplinary Programme), The University of Sheffield

    Pat Frilles

3. SMEA Industrial Project Prize -  University of Sheffield

Awarded to Master Degree student in Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Sheffield for the best Industrial Project Report

    Nia Jones

Research and Development Philips Research.  Eindhoven; 5 month internship within the 'Surfaces, Interfaces & Modules' department, focusing on the exploration and concept creation of foams in skin contacting medical devices

4. SMEA  Prize for Best MSc Student

Awarded for the best MSc dissertation from Materials and Engineering and Research Institute Sheffield Hallam University

   Uchechukwu Samuel Obilor
The fabrication and characterisation of  lead free piezoceramics.  Evaluating  how Nb can be used to to maximize properties  for applications in actuator  for automobile fuel injection.