Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture 2015

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
27 Sep 2015

The Bessemer Lecture will take place at the Cutlers’ Hall on 13 November,  commencing at 17:45, prior to the SMEA Annual Dinner. The winners of Iron and Steel Society awards for 2015 will be presented with their medals, This year's Bessemer Gold Medallist, Professor John Beynon will present the Sir Henry Bessemer lecture - Mitigating a Grievous Mistake. 

Harry Brearley was a self-taught metallurgist. In his 1932 autobiography he was critical of university professors with their attention being more on metallography than metallurgy which he saw as being left to the works. He wrote “it is a grievous mistake" to suppose that what the University Faculty does not know cannot be worth knowing.

John's  lecture will consider the ability of researchers, particularly those in universities, to mitigate this grievous mistake by accurately representing industry conditions through a combination of techniques, including using industry data, laboratory experiments and the ubiquitous computer modelling.

This is a public lecture - everyone is welcome to attend, but they do need to register.  

Full details: Alternatively e-mail Ken Ridal a list of names. This is an excellent opportunity to combine the lecture and dinner  and have a memorable evening.

Ken Ridal can be contacted  on 0114 230 5650 or