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Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
29 Sep 2014
Ever since Chaucer extolled the virtues of Sheffield Steel in his writings in the 14th century, the name Sheffield has remained synonymous with Steel and Cutlery. It is not just the steel itself that is praised but also the manufacturing excellence and the people that make and turn steel in to vital and everyday objects.

Paul Maddin's  Presidential Address is the first lecture in the 2014/5 lecture program and celebrates Sheffield’s steel manufacturing legacy, aiming to provide an insight in the key role that people have played in maintaining technological advances. He will explain how high performance steels and advanced manufacturing techniques have been developed to provide special engineering products and components for the world market.

The lecture is on Tuesday 7th October 

         The event is at the Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria – Sheffield.

                    Coffee and Biscuits at 5.30, presentation at 6.00.

                         Non-Members are most welcome