Harry Brearley Stainless Steel Centenary Conference & Exhibition; The Development and Application of Stainless Steels

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
31 Jan 2013
British Stainless Steel Association and Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association are hosting a major international conference and exhibition in Sheffield, which will focus on the future for stainless steel. There will be six technical sessions over two days.  The conference is part of the City of Sheffield’s celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the discovery of stainless steel. 

Harry Brearley was responsible for the research department at the Brown - Firth Laboratories.  Whilst working on alloy steels for the manufacture of gun barrels in October 1912, he made a series of steels varying in chromium content from 6 to 15 per cent and found that low carbon steels with above 12 per cent chromium did not corrode. It was on 20 August 1913 that he made the first arc furnace cast of stainless steel.

The conference programme also includes:

Celebrity Lecture – evening of Tuesday 11 June
This will be presented by Mika Seitovirta, CEO Outokumpu Group in Firth Hall and will be followed  by a Buffet Supper and Exhibition showcasing Steelmaking and Engineering in  Sheffield, in The Octagon.

Centenary Dinner at The Cutlers’ Hall – evening of Wednesday 12 June

Works Visits - Thursday 13 June
The visits will be to Outokumpu Stainless, Sheffield Forgemasters and  Advanced Manufacturing Park - NAMRC and Nuclear AMRC
Details and booking forms can be found by following this link to the BSSA site