SMEA Celebrity Lecture 19th June

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
26 Mar 2012

The Celebrity Lecture will be held at the Auditorium in the Students Union Building, The University of Sheffield on the 7.00 pm. Tuesday 19th June 2012.

The lecture forms part of the SMEA Conference.  The ‘Interval Bar’ will be open from 5.45 pm (located in the Student Union Building near the Auditorium).  The lecture will be followed by a Buffet Supper in the Food Court, University House.

Derek Stork, Director Technology, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy will present the lecture – Making Fusion Technology a Reality: Technology and Engineering Challenges.  After attending Thornbridge School in Sheffield, he studied Physics at Manchester University and in 1978 joined UKAEA Culham Science Centre.  He has held senior positions in the JET project - the world’s largest and most powerful tokamak and the focal point of the European fusion research programme.  He currently leads the UK work in providing ITER Systems and other major projects. The ITER Project is part of a multinational 30-year project to demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear fusion as a viable power source. It is pushing current manufacturing technologies to the limit.   Even the steel containment vessel with a weight of 5000 tones will be challenging, while the heart of the system will have to contain a plasma with temperatures equivalent to those of the Sun.

To obtain tickets for the Celebrity Lecture, please return the form in the attachment at the bottom of this article to Ken Ridal .

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