Material Efficiency at the London Olympics 6 March

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
20 Feb 2012

The lecture should be very topical with the London Olympics being almost upon us and is entitled Material Efficiency at the London Olympics. It will be presented by Muiris Moynihan.

After working at Arup, Muiris Moynihan returned to the University of Cambridge as part  of the Wellmet team researching strategies to meet the 2050 carbon emission targets for steel and aluminium; a eduction of at least 50% while demand doubles.

After introducing the concept of material efficiency, he will look at ways to use steel, aluminium and concrete better in order to reduce carbon emmissions associated with their production. He will present results of studies on the London Olympics, including the Aquatics, Velodrome and Main Stadium.

              The event is to be held at the Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria – Sheffield.
                         Coffee and Biscuits at 5.30, presentation at 6.00.

                               Non-Members are most welcome.