SMEA Travel Awards

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association
1 Feb 2012

The Regional Heat of the IOM3 National Lecture Competition will be held on Tuesday 26th February at Holiday Inn – Royal Victoria, 5.30 for 6.00.  The age limit is 28 and the prize for the winner will be £100.  We are looking for people from industry and the universities to represent SMEA and give a 15 minute presentation on any materials related topic.  Points are given for clarity of presentation, structure, visual aids and duration   – further details can be obtained by following this link or by contating Ken Ridal on 0114 230 5650 or on

SMEA are again offering to assist students and young professionals to develop their abilities and gain experience, by making Travel Awards to selected candidates.  The value of Award will usually be in the range £200 to £700 and will contribute to the cost of travel, accommodation and expenses associated with:
 attending conferences and congresses
 undertaking industrial training
 visits for professional development

The scheme has been extended to include young technicians in training or early career

 Full detailsa are given by following this link or can be obtained from
Applications close on Friday 25th February