• The impact of COVID-19 on materials, minerals and mining communities

    The escalation of COVID-19 during 2020 has posed great challenges for individuals as well as organisations and has also led, in some cases, to new opportunities to rethink the way of working. This report considers the impact of the pandemic on several industries and examines what may lie ahead.
  • An insight into the COVID-19 crisis from the Student & Early Career Committee

    IOM3 Student & Early Career Committee (SECC)
    The COVID-19 crisis has affected the entire world, and yet each individual experience is unique. Below are a series of testimonies from the IOM3 Student & Early Career Committee (SECC) detailing their experiences – from PhD students, to furloughed industrial workers, to those who have remained in work throughout. It is an interesting insight into the challenges this crisis has brought to the table.
  • IOM3 digital transformation and rebranding update

    The first phase of the IOM3 digital transformation project was launched at the end of January, consisting of a fully functioning membership management system and new Member Portal that allows members to update their details, select their technical and communications preferences, pay subscription fees, download invoices for past payments and access all our online Member Benefits, as well as providing online joining for new members
  • Delivering virtual training in unprecedented times

    Materials World magazine
    The Institute’s Training Academy runs courses to support the professional development of members and non-members working in materials, minerals and mining engineering and their related industries.
  • IOM3 on inclusivity

    The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) prides itself on valuing inclusivity and stands in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the fight against racism, especially in the light of the shocking events in the USA and subsequent protests.
  • Q&A – IOM3Pride Chair Emily Radley

    Natalie Daniels speaks to IOM3Pride Chair Emily Radley about her career background, and her aims and goals for the group.
  • Biomedical device for health monitoring is powered by sweat

    Materials World magazine
    An electronic skin powered by sweat offers a new mode for tracking health at molecular levels. Idha Valeur reports.
  • Calling for IOM3Pride Volunteers and Contributors

    IOM3 has established a support network for members who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies, based on the successful IOM3 Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining model.
  • MPG AGM and Effect of Plastics on Coronavirus Webinar

    The Polymer Society
    The online AGM and Presentation will start at 7.00pm on 10th June 2020 featuring Mr Philip Law, Director General, British Plastics Federation.
  • Clay coating enhances antifouling in membranes

    Clay Technology magazine
    A 2D clay material could solve the biggest headache in membrane technology – fouling. Idha Valeur discovers how it works.