• The benefits of chartership

    Kathryn Allen looks at the benefits of becoming chartered.
  • Back to school

    Kathryn Allen speaks to three professionals about the benefits of further study to professional development.
  • Q&A with Viacheslav Zyrin

    Kathryn Allen talks to Viacheslav Zyrin, Associate Professor at Saint Petersburg Mining University, Russia, about the benefits of becoming chartered.
  • Building skills

    The skills gap is a dominating issue within the construction industry and beyond. What could the introduction of T-levels aimed to drive technical training mean for the next generation of the workforce? Natalie Daniels finds out.
  • Bridging the skills gap

    Kathryn Allen examines recent attempts to increase the supply of workers to the UK's STEM sector.
  • Q&A with Noel Sharkey

    Kathryn Allen speaks to Noel Sharkey about his career, his work promoting STEM and the involvement of women in engineering.
  • YMC Meets... Dr Nathan Elliot

    Dr Sam Cruchley, Vice Chair of the YMC spoke to Dr Nathan Elliot, Research Engineer (Racket Sports) at Head Sport in Austria.
  • Print, replace and regenerate

    Hannah Little looks at the role of 3D-printed bone scaffolds for the regeneration of critical-size defects.
  • The pros and cons of a career break

    Career suicide or an opportunity to reset the work-life balance? Kathryn Allen looks at the concerns over, and benefits of, taking a career break.
  • Q&A – Dr Maria Ribera Vicent

    Kathryn Allen speaks to Dr Maria Ribera Vicent about her career to date, being awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship and the effects of a career break on career progression and networking.