SAS Additional Resources

A number of resources are available that allow greater interaction with the Institute and the opportunity to further enrich your teaching.  These are in addition to the free web-based resources provided to all and the cost of these is dependent on your SAS membership grade.

These resources are available on a first come served basis with Premier and Premier Plus members having the first choice of dates.  We usually take bookings up to a year in advance so the more notice you can give, the more likely it is that you will be able to get the date(s) that you want.

School visits

Since launch our Education Team have educated and inspired over 60,000 young people about materials.

A number of presentations covering all aspects of materials in the curriculum are available and these are suitable as either lesson-based enrichment to support a particular area of your teaching or more general STEM activities.  Presentations can be delivered to any year group (7 to 13) and any size group, though for the samples to be passed around easily a maximum audience of around 60 is recommended.  

We are able to come in and deliver one or two sessions of up to an hour and a half each and the charges are as follows:

  • Standard members:  £150 for one talk and £200 for two talks.
  • Premier members: £150 for one talk and £200 for two talks.
  • Premier Plus members:  This resource is included in your membership package.

Materials discovery boxes

Members have access to a box containing a range of samples designed to enhance the teaching of the materials aspects of the curriculum. Members may borrow a box for a period of one week in order to show the materials to as large an audience as possible. The box contains a wide range of artefacts including examples of materials used in aerospace, medicine and sport. It includes metals, polymers, ceramics and composites and a number of examples of smart materials.

The artefacts are supported by information cards, notes for teachers, Power Point presentations and curriculum links which are also available to download from the members-only area of the website.

In addition, if demand is high enough,  a briefing day will be run once a term at the IOM3 offices in Grantham for members planning to borrow a box.

Members may access the boxes as follows:

  • Standard members may borrow a Box for a period of one week incurring a charge of £40.
  • Premier membership includes a Box for a period of two weeks.
  • Premier Plus membership includes a Box for a period of four weeks.

In all cases a deposit of £200 is payable at the time of booking.  This will be refunded once the box has been safely returned to us with all of the samples in place and intact.

Conferences for teachers

The Institute runs conferences specifically for teachers on relevant areas of the curriculum on an annual basis. These whole day events are designed to boost your knowledge and understanding of a range of topics and give you ideas for classroom activities.

Previous events have covered topics such as smart materials, nanotechnology, materials in sport and the fundamentals of materials science.

The delegate fees are as follows:

  • The delegate fee for Standard members is £50.
  • Premier membership includes one place on each conference.  Additional delegates from the same school incur a charge of £50 each.
  • Premier Plus membership includes two places on each conference.  Additional delegates from the same school incur a charge of £50 each.

Conferences for students

We are investigating the possibility of putting on themed conferences for students designed to bring the materials-related aspects of the curriculum to life.  Teachers are invited to bring along their AS and A2 students to listen to a range of presentations and meet people working in the field.

It is envisaged that the conferences will be run on a regional basis and there will be either a charge per pupil or per school to attend.

At the moment we are in the consultation stage but more details will appear in due course.