Fun with Magnets – experiments and ideas


Fun with Magnets - experiments and ideas

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2001 - 2002


Magnets and magnetism appear in various places in the 11 to 19 syllabi and can be a fun subject to study, allowing students to carry out investigations and projects.  This booklet has been written to give you a few ideas on some ways in which magnets and magnetism can be approached.

The resource was produced as part of an EPSRC funded project under the heading of Public Partnerships in Science and the project was carried out in conjunction with the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust where interactive exhibits on magnetism were on display.

The booklet was written by Dr Claire Davis from the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham and was published by the Institute of Materials.


28 page booklet (hard copy only)


A limited number of additional copies are available for purchase at a cost of £10 each, contact