Past events - Rubber in Engineering Group

RubberCon 2011

12 Apr 2011 - 14 Apr 2011, Bratislava, United Kingdom

International scientific conference on rubberFull information >

RIEG - Fillers in Rubber

18 Mar 2011, LONDON, United Kingdom

This afternoon technical discussion meeting will focus on the use of fillers in the rubber industryFull information >

Elastomers as Energy Generation Platforms

4 Mar 2011, Webinar, United Kingdom

The Polymer Sector of the Materials KTN is hosting a webinar series promoting the R&D fortunes of elastomers.Full information >

RIEG meeting on Recycling of Rubber

10 Dec 2010, London, United Kingdom

This RIEG meeting will discuss the challenges posed by the recycling of rubberFull information >

RubberChem 2010

30 Nov 2010 - 1 Dec 2010, Vienna, United Kingdom

The seventh international conference devoted to rubber chemicals, compounding and mixingFull information >

IRC 2010 - International Rubber Conference

17 Nov 2010 - 19 Nov 2010, Mumbai, United Kingdom

IRCO is an association of rubber societies around the world which plan the main international rubber conferences.Full information >

Emerging Health and Legislation Challenges for Rubber

2 Jul 2010, London, United Kingdom

Rubber in Engineering Group afternoon technical discussion meetingFull information >

RIEG meeting on the Emerging Technical Challenges for Rubber

19 Mar 2010, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

This afternoon meeting will focus on the technical challenges faced by the rubber industryFull information >

RIEG session in Tiretech Conference

10 Feb 2010, Cologne, United Kingdom

The RIEG are organising one of the sessions at the next Tiretech conference in GermanyFull information >

RIEG meeting on Smart Elastomers

11 Dec 2009, LONDON, United Kingdom

An afternoon technical meeting to discuss smart and conductive elastomer systemsFull information >