Innovations in Rubber Design

7 Dec 2016 - 8 Dec 2016

Organised by IOM Communications on behalf of the Rubber in Engineering Group of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

This conference focused on the design cycle in the rubber industry and how recent innovations can result in better, longer lasting and more functional products. A review of the conference was included in the February 2017 Materials World. The following talks were presented and the PDF of the lecture materials are downloadable.

Smart Materials

Paper 1 Jacopo Ciambella, SAPIENZA Università di Roma, Manipulation of short fibres in elastomer composites with magnetic fields: tailoring of anisotropy and actuation

Paper 2 Chris Bowen, University of Bath, Smart and electroactive rubbery materials: principles, performance and potential

Paper 3 Martyn Bennett, ARTIS, Tuneable optics using dielectric elastomers

Paper 4 Victoria Oguntosin, University of Reading, Geometric construction of silicone rubber-based soft robot actuators

Paper 5 Olaf Henschke, Dow Chemical Europe, EPDM by design

Paper 6 Amit Das, Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden, General purpose rubbers for smart applications


Paper 7 Lewis Tunnicliffe, Birla Carbon, Filler structure and interfacial dynamics of surface functionalised carbon black-SSBR compounds

Paper 8 Francesca Carleo, Queen Mary University of London, A constitutive model for viscoelastic behavior of filled rubber for high load suspension

Paper 9 Alan Muhr, TARRC, Force-deformation behaviour and applications of low shape factor rubber blocks

Paper 10 William Parnell, University of Manchester, Predicting the constitutive behaviour of microsphere-filled elastomers: the influence of shell buckling and interaction

Measurement Innovations

Paper 11 Karine Le Gorju, Hutchinson Research, New uses for X-ray computed tomography in rubber part design

Paper 12 Thomas Rauschmann, TA Instruments, Optimising performance and processing of rubber polymers & compounds: using linear and non-linear rheology

Paper 13 Ralf Baeuerlein, MonTech GmbH, Advanced test methods and quality requirements in rubber testing for polymers and rubber

The Rubber Foundation Lecture

Prof. Gert Heinrich, Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden, A constitutive tube model of rubber elasticity: the path from polymer network to the rubber component

Fatigue Life and Ageing

Paper 14 Davide De Focatiis, University of Nottingham, Reversibility of the Mullins effect for extending the life of rubber components

Paper 15 Edward Terrill, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Service life prediction model for tire belt-coat compounds

Paper 16 Abilash Nair, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, Fatigue and damage resistant materials in next-generation aircraft tyres

Paper 21 Julien Ramier, Schlumberger Cambridge Research, Development of elastomers for drilling applications

Paper 22 Yinping Tao, Queen Mary University of London, Fatigue of carbon-fibre reinforced HNBR composites

Paper 23 Radek Stoček, PRL Polymer Research Lab, Numerical parameter describing the resistance against chip and cut behaviour of rubber

Paper 24 Leif Kari, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dynamic stiffness of ageing rubber vibration isolators


Paper 17 Jakub Kadlcak, Datwyler Sealing Solutions International, Formulation of rubber compounds and important factors influencing their properties

Paper 18 Kamyar Alavi, Nynas AB, Innovative solutions for the rubber industry: tailoring naphthenic oil plasticisers for EPDM rubbers

Paper 19 Marina Fernando, TARRC, Natural-FR: a green approach to material flammability

Paper 20 Ulrich Giese, German Institute of Rubber technology (DIK), Modern filler systems and efficient mixing techniques for improved elastomers

The Circular Economy

Paper 25 Wilma Dierkes, University of Twente, Designing of cradle-to-cradle loops for elastomer products

Paper 26 Jean-Francois Viot, Solvay R&I Centre Paris, Life Cycle Assessment: A tool for helping ingredient manufacturers identifying priority levers for environmental impact reduction over the life cycle of their products.

Paper 27 Alessandro Gallo, F.LLI MARIS S.P.A., Continuous rubber recycling, using a co-rotating twin screw extruder

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The Royal Aeronautical Society
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