High Strain Rate Behaviour of Elastomers

13 Mar 2020

This afternoon technical discussion meeting (ATDM) will examine the use of elastomers at high strain rates. It will include a discussion of how to test the material behaviour at high strain rates as well as how to design rubber devices that operate under such conditions. The meeting is being held in Pembroke College, Oxford University.


Start time 13:30pm - Introduction - Prof James Busfield (QMUL)

Rubber under high triaxial loading - Dr Peter Gould (QinetiQ, UK)

Rubbers are often assumed to be incompressible in behaviour,  but under significant triaxial loading either in compression or tension this is no longer true.  There are models that can describe this mechanical behaviour, but temperature, thermodynamics and thermomechanical behaviour complicate this approach.

TBC - Ben Proudlove (Merrow Scientific, UK)

Elastomer-ceramic micro-composites for armour strike-face or interlayers - Gary Critchlow (Loughborough Univeristy, UK)

Challenges and opportunities in high rate characterisation of soft materials - Clive Siviour (Oxford University, UK)
There is increasing interest in the mechanical response of low modulus polymers and bio-materials to high strain rate deformation, such as occurs during impact loading.  However, measuring this response is still a challenge.  This talk will give a brief overview of traditional high strain rate measurement methods, and their application to low modulus materials, outlining some of the difficulties in performing and interpreting these experiments.  It will then give descriptions of more recently developed techniques, specifically the use of time-temperature superposition and wave propagation to as methods to diagnose response to high rate properties. 

TBC - Jason Foley (US Air Force, USA)

End Time 16:00 - Tea and Coffee

This event is free to register due to the generous RIEG sponsorship from ARTIS. But you must first register at Eventbrite in order to attend.

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
Pichette Auditorium at Pembroke College
Pembroke Square
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

This event is being championed by Prof Clive Siviour, Professor of Engineering at Oxord University. 


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